samedi 23 janvier 2010

The role of grammar in language use

The role of grammar in language use

So many people still believe that grammar is a discipline that should be learned on its own. This is in fact a faulty assumption; Grammar is all the time present in our life.
So, you can in no way separate grammar from language use whether orally or in writing.

Grammar is implanted in us, it is endowed to every human being from birth to last with him throughout a whole lifetime. So, at this stage we are rather talking about a system that allows us to figure out the meaning of utterances we receive as an input from other individuals in our social environment. For instance, whenever you meet a friend to talk to, you are ready to receive a flow of speech that goes directly to your brain to be treated based on the rules of grammar you know. These rules would enable your brain to decipher the utterances you receive and convert them into units of meaning. This is in fact the role of grammar in understanding any human language.

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